Elevated Pet Feeder Benefits

What is Bloat and why is it dangerous?

Benefits of the Elevated Feeder

* Hygiene*

Keeping the pets dining area clean is necessary to a sanitary and a healthy life.


*Superior Posture and More Relaxed Feeding*

Many pets have neck or back  pain, hip dysplasia, and/or arthritis.  Elevated dishes promote organic alignment of the body reducing effort while eating and drinking.  I may also  help to prevent any future problems. Best of all… your pet will THANK YOU!!!

Many pets with a condition known as  mega esophagus have a hard time swallowing food.  Using a raised dog feeder reduces the air your dog ingests, while eating and drinking. This will help avoid stomach bloat, which is the second leading death in dogs.

In bloat (Dilatation ) “petEducation.com


*Cleanliness of the dining area*

Elevated dog and cat bowls help with keeping the food and water in the bowl… instead of on the floor. In order to facilitate swallowing, dogs tend to lift their heads after eating and drinking. As the dog raises his head, the water that don’t get swallowed will splash onto the floor.


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